A company that embraces technology and enables growth.

We provide advisory and distribution services in different areas.

Our name stands for integrity and trust.

Our mission has been going on for some years now and we are very thankful to our staff, partners and customers who have been contributed and are still diligently contributing each month to broad our minds and services.

While you always have the option to use your own internal resources, there may be instances where you prefer to establish a joint venture with an expert in the field. Perhaps you are not a big company or in fact quite big. It could simply be that you want to use an expert to help you perform better. Whatever the reason, we can help you.

Our experience is your advantage.


INVESLEX is fueled by its people⁠, talented and driven people that are passionate about their work.

We are advisors, strategists, brokers, experts, marketers, closers and shakers to bring your business into reality. All of our team members bring their top game.

It is all about team work, when you work with one of us, you work with all of us.

With us on your side you are ready for what’s next!

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